Multi Threat LVL lllA+ Panel Set - Front & Back

  • $529.99

These panels are designed for the no compromise law enforcement personnel. Meeting NIJ LVL lllA+ standards, they resist both lllA ballistic threats and LVL 1 stab/spike threats. In a world where safety is paramount, LVL IIIA+ ballistic panels redefine personal protection, setting a new standard in security technology. Engineered with precision and utilizing cutting-edge materials, these panels are the ultimate solution for enhancing the safety of any environment.

Key Features:

  1. LVL IIIA+ Ballistic Protection: Crafted to meet and exceed Level IIIA ballistic protection standards, providing an advanced shield against a spectrum of ballistic threats, including handguns and high-velocity projectiles as well as LVL 1 stab/spike.

  2. Multi-Layered Defense: Our panels utilize a sophisticated combination of high-tech ballistic materials, including aramid fibers and laminated composites, to create a multi-layered defense system. This strategic arrangement ensures maximum energy absorption and dispersion, minimizing the impact of ballistic threats.

  3. Ultra-Thin and Lightweight: Slim and lightweight design ensures ease of use without sacrificing protection. These ultra-thin panels don't weigh you down any more than standard LVL lllA panels.

  4. Flexible and Versatile: Adapt to any situation with DefenderGuard's flexible and versatile design. Whether you're a security professional, a law enforcement officer, or an individual seeking enhanced personal safety, these panels contour to your needs, providing reliable protection without restricting movement.

  5. Weather-Resistant and Durable: DefenderGuard panels are built to withstand the elements. Weather-resistant and durable, these panels maintain their integrity in various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection when you need it most.

  6. Trusted by Professionals: These panels have been tested in Canada to ensure safety and gain the trust of law enforcement professionals.

Compatible with our three main carrier options: the Two Pocket, Light MOLLE, and full MOLLE linked below:


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