Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a licence to purchase from you?

  • No, you do not have to have a licence to purchase from Guardian Outfitters. However due to the nature of the products we carry, for some items you must be 18+ years of age to make your purchase.

    • *Please consider provincial laws when placing an order*

    • *Ballistic Armour is an exception. Please refer to “Can I Buy A Bulletproof Vest” in FAQ*

Are civilians allowed to carry batons?

  • In Ontario, anyone above the age of 18 years can carry a baton IF;

    • It is not concealed

    • It is for protection against an animal ONLY

  • A person can NOT carry a baton if they are planning on carrying it for self defense, or protection against another person. Carrying an item with the intent of harming another human being (even in self defense) is ILLEGAL in Ontario. Our sales associates WILL NOT sell you this item for the purpose of using it against a person.

    • *The only exception is if you will using it for law enforcement purposes, with valid identification and licensing.*

Can I purchase a bulletproof vest?

 What is the difference between a Bulletproof Vest and Stab Proof Vest?

  • A bulletproof vest will resist "bullets" or "ammunition" from penetrating through. There are different levels of body armour, or bullet proof vest that can be purchased. Different levels of vests stop different types of bullets. 

    • It is worthy of noting that a bulletproof vest does not mean a stab proof vest. Unless added separately into the vest, or specified, a bulletproof vest is only resistant to ammunition. That being said, we have tested our ballistic vests, and there is some form of protection from knives. However, they are not rated or made for knife protection. 

  • A stab proof vest protects against knives and blunt force trauma. This means that if a knife slashes or punctures the vest, it will protect from entering through the armour. The blunt force trauma means if a suspect hits the vest with anything, including any metal bars, etc, it will protect from causing damage to the person wearing the armour. 

    • It is to be noted that "proof" does not mean 100% protection. All armour is considered resistant to threats. 

Do your handcuffs have a double lock feature on them?