Guardian Angel Wearable Safety Light - Micro - Red/White

  • $69.99

Do you want the ELITE series Guardian Angel Wearable Light but a smaller and cheaper option? This is it. The Guardian Angel Law Enforcement Light is the best light for ensuring you are seen on the road and are kept safe while performing your duties. It radiates light 360 degrees that can be seen up to 5 miles away. Don't gamble with your life on the side of the road during traffic stops!
  • NEW – 25% brighter than the previous version thanks to 14 LEDs.
  • NEW – 25% longer average run time due to larger lithium-ion battery.
  • NEW – Waterproof with an IP68 rating. Tested to keep water out while submerged in nearly five feet of water for 30 minutes.
  • NEW – Magnetic base mount (included) now features a tether attachment, allowing you to add additional security to your light. Tether sold separately.
  • Long-range Visibility – Rated visibility up to 3+ miles using high-powered LEDs.
  • 360° Lighting – 14 LEDs provide visibility on all sides, keeping you safe from all directions.
  • Magnet Mounting System – A built-in rare-Earth magnet (you know, the really strong ones) allows you to quickly attach the Micro to most metallic surfaces and works with all Guardian Angel mounts.
  • Work Light – A white work light on the front of Micros allows for hands-free work.
  • Top Light – Independently controlled light on the top of the Micro adds additional versatility.
  • Front/Rear controls – Front and Rear lights can be controlled independently.
  • Accessories – The Micro works with all Guardian Angel mounts and accessories, including many for sports and other activities.
  • Four Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High & Max.
  • SOS Flash Pattern – Quick button hold sets device to SOS flash mode, ideal for emergency situations when you need to highlight your location

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