female bulletproof vest

Female Bullet Proof Vest IIIA

  • $549.95

The woman's cut in our best selling NIJ LVL lllA "bulletproof" vest designed to comfortably fit the body contour and thus maximizing mobility and functional efficiency without compromising maximum protection. These vests along with the MOLLE LVL lllA Bulletproof Vests provide up to 50% more coverage in a size large when compared to the standard 10x12 bulletproof panels, eliminating the need for side plates.

This vest can be worn both as internal or external body armour to provide bullet resistance for up to a .44 magnum round, meets NIJ Level lllA.

Includes the carrier, as well as the panels or inserts that provide protection.

Can be customized to place Velcro on the front and/or back upon email request (extra charge applies).

Made for security and law enforcement professionals across the world!

Carrier comes with a 1 year limited warranty and panels with a 5 year limited warranty.

* "Bulletproof" is in quotations because no body armour is 100% bullet-proof as round capability and materials are always changing. Please visit our FAQ section for more info.

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