female bulletproof vest

Female Bullet Proof Vest IIIA

  • $549.95

Female Bullet Proof Vest IIIA

Light Weight and Durable Bullet Proof Vests for Law Enforcement Use.

Designed to comfortably fit the body contour and thus maximizing immovability and functional efficiency without compromising maximum protection.

Compromised From Aramid,  Polyethylene and Kevlar materials to withstand protection up to a NIJ Level 3a Ballistic Material.

Certified by National Institute of Justice for protection against .44 Magnum Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point at ~1,400 fps

(~427 mps). and anything below this.

The highest blunt trauma protection rating in soft body armor. The best for very high-risk situations to cover more of the uncommon or unusual threats.

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