Bug Out Bag - LVL 1

  • $179.99

This bug out bag is the first level in emergency preparedness. We've done the hard work of compiling the best products for every range of preparedness that everyone should consider. Consisting of all brand name products that won't fail when you need them the most. If this seems too basic for you then consider the LVL 2 or LVL 3 bags for more gear and also supplement with more consumables based on the number of people that may be relying on them.

Includes all the products below:

Rothco 17" Canvas Duffle Bag

Rothco's Canvas Shoulder Duffle Bags are durable and stylish, crafted from heavyweight cotton canvas with reinforced cross-stitched web handles. The 22oz. canvas composition makes it robust and able to withstand heavy loads. The natural water-resistant property of the fabric protects against light moisture. Designed for versatility, it features twin carry handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a zippered end pocket for quick access to small items. The main double zipper closure ensures secure storage, making it ideal for various missions and adventures.

Rothco First Aid Kit with Pouch

Rothco's Zipper First Aid Kit is a compact and convenient medical kit containing 20 essential supplies. Designed for on-the-go access, it can be securely attached to a belt with a belt loop attachment, ensuring hands-free carry. The heavyweight canvas pouch features a U-shaped zipper for easy and quick access during emergency situations. Although restricted for export in some countries, this kit is ideal for EMTs, home use, and outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Metal Rod Tourniquet

A crucial addition to any emergency preparedness kit. Designed for swift and effective response, this tourniquet is crafted with durability and ease of use in mind. Its intuitive application ensures rapid control of bleeding in emergency situations, making it an essential tool for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone prioritizing safety. Featuring a reliable locking mechanism and adjustable strap, this tourniquet provides a secure and customizable fit

Datrex 2400 Cal Emergency Food Ration

The Datrex Blue 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration is a reliable and convenient choice for emergency preparedness. This pack includes 12 ready-to-eat bars with a high-energy coconut flavor. Each bar provides 200 calories and is made from all-natural ingredients such as wheat flour, cane sugar, water, and coconut. With a shelf life of 5 years from the manufacturing date, this emergency food ration is a durable and efficient option for ensuring nutrition during unforeseen situations.

Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Pouch - x12

Purified Water For Immediate Use , Lightweight And Extremely Compact , Superior Packaging Materials For Optimum Durability. 5 Year Shelf Life from manufacturing date

Aquatabs Water Purifying Tablets - 50pk

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets offer a reliable solution for water purification during camping, hiking, boating, and international travel. Effective against a range of waterborne diseases, including Giardia, coliforms, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A & E, and salmonella. Iodine-free, making them safe for pregnant women, long-term use, and individuals with iodine allergies. These tablets clear 1L of water in just 30 minutes, with no unpleasant taste, odor, or color. Each pack contains 50 tablets, individually sealed and ultra-compact for convenience.

Rothco G.I. Issue Water Canteen

The Genuine G.I. 3 Piece 1 Quart Plastic Canteens are constructed from BPA-free, high-density polyethylene material. These canteens feature a 1-quart capacity, a screw-on cap, and are designed to fit seamlessly into G.I. Style canteen covers, providing a practical and durable hydration solution.

RWD C.O.B 150 Lumen Headlamp

Illuminate your path with our powerful LED Headlamp. Perfect for hands-free lighting during outdoor adventures, camping, or home repairs. This lightweight and adjustable headlamp offers bright, energy-efficient illumination with multiple modes. Its comfortable design ensures a secure fit, making it an essential companion for any activity in low-light conditions.

Bushline 13 Function Mini Multi Tool

This versatile multitool features durable stainless steel and rubber construction with power-coated handles, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip. The 3-inch size when closed makes it portable, and it includes a spring plier head, rubber insert for enhanced grip, and a 13-function set ranging from blades and screwdrivers to a fish scaler and saw. Comes complete with a carry case for convenience.

Rothco Paracord Compass Bracelet 8"

Rothco's Paracord Compass Survival Bracelet is the ultimate survival tool, crafted from robust 7-strand polyester paracord with a quick-release buckle. Featuring a woven-in compass, it ensures you're never without navigation. This bracelet is not only a comfortable and easy-to-wear accessory but also an ideal prepper item with versatile survival applications.

Misty Mountain Acrylic Winter Toque

Embrace winter in style with our cozy Winter Toque. Crafted for warmth and comfort, this essential accessory features a soft knit design, ensuring you stay snug during chilly days.

50ft Poly Cord

Meet your versatile companion for outdoor tasks with our 50' Poly Cord. Made from durable polypropylene, it provides strength and reliability for various applications. Its 50-foot length offers ample reach, perfect for camping, hiking, or emergency use. Compact, lightweight, and dependable—a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or adventurer.

Campsuds 120ml All Purpose Camp Soap

Campsuds, a highly concentrated cleanser, requires only a few drops for effective cleaning, thanks to its controlled dispensing flip-up spout. The formula includes purified water and vegetable-based biodegradable cleaning agents, suitable for hot, cold, and saltwater. It is free from animal ingredients and petroleum oils, emphasizing eco-friendly qualities.

Wind Resistant Jet Flame Lighter

Experience relentless reliability with our Windproof Jet Lighter. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, its powerful flame withstands gusts, ensuring a dependable fire source for camping, hiking, and adventurous pursuits.

Foil Emergency Blanket

Emergency foil blanket, 80" x 52", (203 cm x 132 cm). Metallic silver colour, reflective. Compact aluminum blanket. Reflects body heat back to you. Ideal for backpacking, first aid kits, and emergency use.

Vinyl Rain Poncho

This one-size-fits-all poncho is compact and easy to store, making it perfect for unexpected weather conditions. It's crafted from a lightweight PE fabric, ensuring ease of movement and a comfortable fit. The poncho also features an attached hood for additional protection from the elements.

8x10 Ripstop Tarp

Our durable Tarp is your weather-resistant shield, ideal for camping, outdoor events, and more. Crafted with robust materials, it provides reliable protection against rain, sun, and wind, ensuring lasting performance.

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