Black Interior Covert Bullet Proof Vest - LVL lllA

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The black concealable interior "bulletproof" vest is the perfect vest for plain clothes officers, private security, and any other law enforcement which requires discreet protection. Confidence inspires challenge, meaning in certain situations, the more tactical your gear looks the higher the chance of conflict. These vests were designed for those situations.

Meets NIJ LVL IIIA (3A) - Protection against high velocity 9mm, 0.357 Sig, 0.44 Magnum.

Dynamic shoulder and waist adjustment

Low profile Velcro tabs for advanced concealable finish.

Easy to remove internal panels for cleaning and replacing covers.

Lightweight polycotton smooth outer fabric.

Advanced sweat control ventilation lining.

* "Bulletproof" is in quotations because no body armour is 100% bullet-proof as round capability and materials are always changing. Please visit our FAQ section for more info.

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