ASP - Clip Handcuff Key 2 Pawl

  • $27.99

A contoured polymer grip with spring steel pocket clip and BackSet stainless key. Clip Keys are easier to use on a handcuffed subject than traditional keys. They are extremely strong.

ASP Handcuff Keys are designed to withstand the rigors of long term duty use. Conventional keys are stamped from mild steel. They often break or twist off in a handcuff. These "key jammed" restraints create civil liability.

Each ASP key is hammer forged, then precision machined. Keys are heat treated for strength and coated with a protective finish. The unique ASP BackSet feature allows rapid location of the handcuff keyway. Clip keys provide an extended reach and convenient pocket clip.

IMPORTANT: The High Security version of this key is designed specifically for ASP High Security Handcuffs, and may also operate 2-pawl security restraints from other manufacturers. The key is also designed to work with standard single-pawl handcuffs. However, ASP cannot guarantee functionality or compatibility with other manufacturer’s handcuffs; it is the user’s responsibility to test and ensure functionality with other intended restraint systems.

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