ASP -  Steel Chain Identifier Ultra Plus Cuffs Yellow

ASP - Steel Chain Identifier Ultra Plus Cuffs Yellow

  • $113.99

ASP's Ultra Cuffs represent a monumental advancement in restraint technology, marking the most significant development in this field in over a century. These handcuffs, born from a rigorous process of design, testing, revision, and field perfection with inputs from law enforcement officers and tactical instructors worldwide, set a new standard in the realm of restraints.

Key Features of ASP Ultra Cuffs:

  • Forged Aluminum Frame: Made from 7075 T6 ordnance-grade aluminum, the Ultra Cuff frames combine extraordinary strength with light weight. The forging process eliminates sharp edges, resulting in a smooth, ergonomic design that enhances safety for both officer and subject.
  • Conical, Flat Contact Bow: The bow's unique geometry accommodates a wider range of wrist sizes, with a flat contact area for quicker and more accurate application. The bows are radiused to prevent injury, with steel bows in Identifier Ultra Cuffs and options for steel or aluminum in non-Identifier models.
  • Dual-Sided, Single-Turn Keyways: Keyways and double lock slots are present on both sides of each cuff, allowing locks to be released by turning the key in a single direction. Colored indicators on the double lock slots provide instant recognition of lock status, making the cuffing process faster and more efficient.
  • Replaceable Lock Sets: These unitized, replaceable lock assemblies can be serviced in the field and customized for different agency needs, including high-security configurations. Their integration within the forged frame also offers significant resistance to shimming.
  • Colored Identifier Bands: These bands provide easy visual differentiation, useful for agency or officer identification and subject identification in reports.

Advancements in Ultra Plus Cuffs:

  • Keyless Double Locking: A significant feature of the Ultra Plus Cuffs is the keyless double locking mechanism. This critical safety step is achieved simply by pressing the double lock bar with a fingertip. The color-indicated bar allows for quick visual status recognition, ensuring that the double locking process is faster, easier, and less likely to be overlooked. The absence of a key during the cuffing process enhances overall safety.

The Ultra Plus Cuffs build upon the foundation of the original Ultra Cuffs, adding innovative technologies that "Lighten the Load" for officers and agents, and providing features that enhance performance and safety. Together, these advancements make ASP’s Ultra Cuffs and Ultra Plus Cuffs the most sophisticated and user-friendly restraint systems available, embodying a commitment to innovation and excellence in law enforcement equipment.

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