TurtleSkin Alpha Gloves

  • $129.99

Officers in law enforcement face many dangers every day on the job. TurtleSkin creates glove products that provide cut and puncture protection which are important part of every officer's duty gear. TurtleSkin Alpha are the best police gloves available, they allow every officer the protection they need when faced with unseen sharps that would puncture most duty gloves. Gloves are an important part of every officers day, the Alpha Gloves are the best option when choosing gear because of the best cut and puncture protection available and also the excellent dexterity for touch and feel. Alpha provides added protection on the back of the hand by adding slash resistance. The combination of protective qualities, coverage area and dexterity has made Alpha the top selling of the TurtleSkin line of law enforcement gloves. It is popular around the world and recognized as the go to glove among international law enforcement and military. If you face seen and unseen hazards from sharps and needles then Alpha stands out among the best gloves available.


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