Bug Out Bag - LVL 3

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Say hello to the ultimate bug out bag for extreme emergency preparedness. This is for the people who understand the importance of being prepared not only for themselves but for their dependents as well. This level of preparedness makes you the one to call when SHTF. We've done the hard work of compiling the best products with the perfect blend of quality and value. Consisting of all brand name products that won't fail when you need them the most.

Includes all the products below:

Condor Colossus 60L Duffle Bag

Condor Outdoor's Colossus Duffle Bag (60L) is a go-to choice for service members, offering intelligent organization and enhanced durability for deployments, training, and storage. This improved version of the traditional soldier duffle features compartmentalization for efficient gear separation and three carry methods (drag handles, backpack straps, and shoulder straps). The reinforced PVC bottom ensures durability, and the bag is versatile enough for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and first responders. With various compartments, carrying options, and a textured bottom, it's a reliable and adaptable solution for diverse tasks.

Rothco Military Trauma First Aid Kit with MOLLE Pouch

Stay prepared with Rothco's MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit, a military-grade medical pouch containing over 40 essential emergency items. With a full-length two-way zipper, it offers quick access. The 7"x8"x3" pouch, made from tough 900D polyester (or 1000D Cordura Nylon for MultiCam), features interior elastic bands, a hidden pocket, and a drainage grommet. MOLLE compatibility allows for seamless integration. INCLUDED SUPPLIES: 18 Bandages In Various Sizes, Blood Stopper Kit, Stainless Steel Tweezers, EMT Shears, Abdominal Pad (5” X 9”), 6 Safety Pins, Pair Of Latex Gloves, 4 2-Packs Of Aspirin, And Adhesive Tape Roll (1/2"X2.5yds), 6 BZK Towelettes, 5 Butterfly Closure Strips, 2 Ammonia Inhalants, Burn Gel Package, And Paper Instructions.

C.A.T. Gen 7 Tourniquet

A crucial addition to any emergency preparedness kit. Designed for swift and effective response, this tourniquet is crafted with durability and ease of use in mind. Its intuitive application ensures rapid control of bleeding in emergency situations, making it an essential tool for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone prioritizing safety. Featuring a reliable locking mechanism and adjustable strap, this tourniquet provides a secure and customizable fit

ReadyWise MRE Creamy Chicken & Pasta - x6

Crest Peak Creamy Pasta & Chicken pouches offer convenient and portable meals for outdoor adventures. With 2.5 servings per resealable pouch, they're easy to prepare—just add water. These lightweight and high-quality options provide great taste, making them an affordable and convenient choice for emergency and outdoor food needs.

Datrex 2400 Cal Emergency Food Ration - x2

The Datrex Blue 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration is a reliable and convenient choice for emergency preparedness. This pack includes 12 ready-to-eat bars with a high-energy coconut flavor. Each bar provides 200 calories and is made from all-natural ingredients such as wheat flour, cane sugar, water, and coconut. With a shelf life of 5 years from the manufacturing date, this emergency food ration is a durable and efficient option for ensuring nutrition during unforeseen situations.

Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Pouch - x24

Purified Water For Immediate Use , Lightweight And Extremely Compact , Superior Packaging Materials For Optimum Durability. 5 Year Shelf Life from manufacturing date

Aquatabs Water Purifying Tablets - 50pk

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets offer a reliable solution for water purification during camping, hiking, boating, and international travel. Effective against a range of waterborne diseases, including Giardia, coliforms, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A & E, and salmonella. Iodine-free, making them safe for pregnant women, long-term use, and individuals with iodine allergies. These tablets clear 1L of water in just 30 minutes, with no unpleasant taste, odor, or color. Each pack contains 50 tablets, individually sealed and ultra-compact for convenience.

Rothco 5 in 1 Multi Purpose Tool

Rothco's 5-In-1 Multi-Purpose Tool is a versatile outdoor essential, featuring interchangeable shovel, saw, pickaxe, and axe head attachments for optimal functionality during camping, hunting, or wilderness expeditions. This convenient tool includes additional features such as a flat stake hammer, tent stake puller, removable compass, and storage space in the handle for fishing line, tinder, or small survival items. Constructed with heavy steel and a rubber handle grip, it comes with a carrying case for easy portability.

Bushline 22 Function Multi Tool

Introducing a durable stainless steel and rubber multi-tool with anodized and power-coated handles, featuring a spring plier head and a versatile screwdriver function with nine additional heads. Compact at 4 inches when closed, it comes with a carrying case with a belt loop, making it perfect for your vehicle's glove box.

Bushline Velocity Slingshot & Wood Pellets

This slingshot offers enhanced functionality with a molded pistol grip handle, providing additional wrist support for increased power, stability, and accuracy. It features a high-power rubber and a large release pouch, supported by a steel fork and frame. The wrist support is adjustable, ensuring comfort and versatility during use.

Heat Zone CS-250 Oversized Sleeping Bag

The Rockwater Designs® Heat Zone CS 250 oversized sleeping bag boasts 7-hole hollow fiber insulation, providing warmth without added weight. With dimensions of over 2.1m (7 ft.) long and 1.2m (4 ft.) wide, it accommodates two people or provides extra space for a single sleeper. The black/dark grey bag has a temperature rating of -15°C (5°F) and features a diamond ripstop Polytek shell, Polysoft Pongee lining, and double-layered "ULTRALOFT" insulation. Additional attributes include an inner stash pocket, full-length draft tube, insulation collar, and a 250 g/m² fill. It comes with a compression case for easy storage and transportation, weighing 2.6 kg (5.7 lb.).

Stormfront Hooded Poncho

The Waterproof Stormfront Rain Poncho ensures effective camouflage and dryness with fully taped seams, an attached hood with a drawstring, and side snap buttons. Made of 100% polyester with a PVC coating, it features a neck gusset with snap closure. Generously sized at 50" x 80", it fits almost everyone comfortably without being overly bulky.

10x12 Ripstop Tarp

Our durable Tarp is your weather-resistant shield, ideal for camping, outdoor events, and more. Crafted with robust materials, it provides reliable protection against rain, sun, and wind, ensuring lasting performance.

Dual Pot Backpacker’s Cookset

The North 49 Dual Pot Backpackers Cookset is a versatile and lightweight solution for backpacking adventures. Crafted from anodized aluminum, it features silicone-wrapped folding handles, internal measurement lines, and a mesh carry bag. The set includes two pots with capacities of 800mL and 500mL, weighing only 260g (.57 pounds).

North49 Pack Chow Set

Chow down with the Nato Style Deluxe Chow Set from Elemental! Using the same design as N.A.T.O. troops, this set gives you a rugged knife, fork and spoon set that’s so compact you can keep it anywhere. It’s all made with heavy-duty stainless steel, so it’ll stick with you on the most difficult camping treks. When you need to pack light for a long journey across Australia, you couldn’t ask for a better camping cutlery set.

Rothco Aluminum G.I. Style Canteen

Rothco's G.I. Style Canteen is constructed from durable 100% aluminum, accommodating up to one quart of water. The screw-on cap is securely attached to the canteen with a safety chain. An ideal addition to outdoor and camping gear collections.

North49 Microfiber Sport Towel

Indulge in quick-drying comfort with our Microfiber Towel—a must-have for travel, sports, and the gym. Crafted from ultra-absorbent microfiber, it effortlessly wicks away moisture. Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for on-the-go adventures. Say goodbye to bulky towels and embrace the convenience and softness of our travel-friendly microfiber essential.

North49 10 LED Headlamp

Illuminate your path with our powerful LED Headlamp. Perfect for hands-free lighting during outdoor adventures, camping, or home repairs. This lightweight and adjustable headlamp offers bright, energy-efficient illumination with multiple modes. Its comfortable design ensures a secure fit, making it an essential companion for any activity in low-light conditions.

Thinsulate Winter Toque

Embrace winter in style with our cozy Winter Toque. Crafted for warmth and comfort, this essential accessory features a soft knit design, ensuring you stay snug during chilly days.

Dynamic Innovations 700 Lumen Flashlight with Battery & Charger

Experience powerful illumination with the CREE XM-L T6 LED ZOOMABLE Flashlight. Crafted from T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, it features a shockproof housing and a unique ZOOM mechanism for precise focus. With a hardened convex glass lens, it's outdoor-ready and offers five modes, including zoom in and out, strobe, and SOS. The rubberized switch ensures convenient operation, powered by a 18650 3.7v battery, and boasts a CREE LED with a minimum 100,000-hour lifespan.

Military “100 Mile an Hour” Duct Tape

Known as "100 miles an hour tape," duct tape lives up to its reputation as a versatile adhesive with various colors for field or home use. This PE-coated cloth tape, featuring single-coated construction, conforms well to diverse substrates. It tears straight, hangs straight, and resists curling, making it excellent for bundling, patching, and mending tasks.

Sabre 50g Dog & Coyote Attack Repellant

Experience maximum stopping power with our pepper spray, boasting the highest strength formula approved by Health Canada. Our in-house laboratory ensures consistent maximum effectiveness, eliminating the 30% failure rate observed in other brands (University of Utah study). Trusted globally by police, including New York and Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, and US Marshals, it is made in the USA and ISO 9001:2008 certified, with a 4-year shelf life. Offering protection at a safe distance with an impressive 3-meter range, it provides defense against multiple threats with 10 one-second bursts.

Foil Emergency Blanket

Emergency foil blanket, 80" x 52", (203 cm x 132 cm). Metallic silver colour, reflective. Compact aluminum blanket. Reflects body heat back to you. Ideal for backpacking, first aid kits, and emergency use.

50ft Poly Cord

Meet your versatile companion for outdoor tasks with our 50' Poly Cord. Made from durable polypropylene, it provides strength and reliability for various applications. Its 50-foot length offers ample reach, perfect for camping, hiking, or emergency use. Compact, lightweight, and dependable—a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or adventurer.

Campsuds 500ml All Purpose Camp Soap

Campsuds, a highly concentrated cleanser, requires only a few drops for effective cleaning, thanks to its controlled dispensing flip-up spout. The formula includes purified water and vegetable-based biodegradable cleaning agents, suitable for hot, cold, and saltwater. It is free from animal ingredients and petroleum oils, emphasizing eco-friendly qualities.

Rothco All Weather Notebook

Rothco's Waterproof All-Weather Field Notebook ensures reliable note-taking in any condition. Featuring PVC covers, it protects against extreme weather, preventing smearing from water, sweat, humidity, grease, and more. The lined paper remains intact even when wet, making it ideal for soldiers, tactical professionals, campers, and anyone requiring a weatherproof notebook. Use a pencil or all-weather pen for optimal results; standard ballpoint pens work only when the paper is dry.

USA Military Survival Manual

Rothco's Survival Manual is an essential tool for outdoor adventures, offering U.S. Military-issued guidance on critical skills. Covering navigation, food and water sourcing, fire starting, and more, it's a key resource for soldiers, hikers, and hunters. This 288-page softcover paperback, measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", fits perfectly into your ruck or bug-out bag. The manual, based on proven military techniques, is the FM 21-76 ARMY Survival Field Manual used by the U.S. Military for official training.


Hand and Foot Warmers x3 each

Hot Pads' self-heating Foot and Hand pads ensure warmth in cold conditions, maintaining temperatures between 58 and 70 degrees Celsius. Safe and disposable, these pads, shaped to fit shoes or boots, are non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable, and odorless. Simply open the package, and they begin to warm, providing up to 6 hours of heat. The ingredients include iron dust, activated charcoal powder, cellulose powder, and zeolite.

Fiberglass Tent Pole Set

This accessory is resilient and makes an excellent addition to your upcoming camping expedition. Simple and efficient to utilize Kit includes four poles measuring 25 5/8 inches each Two vinyl pole caps Zinc-coated ferrule 74 cm (29 inches) leader wire, facilitating shock cord threading 305 cm (10 feet) of elastic shock cord

Aluminum Tent Pegs - x4

Tent pegs to hold down tarp to create tent.

Wind Resistant Jet Flame Lighter

Experience relentless reliability with our Windproof Jet Lighter. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, its powerful flame withstands gusts, ensuring a dependable fire source for camping, hiking, and adventurous pursuits.

SOL - Fire Lite Kit in Dry Bag

The Fire Lite Survival Kit ensures reliable fire-starting in any weather. Featuring 20 water- and windproof Tinder Quik pieces that burn for up to 3 minutes each, a 10ft. waxed cotton Tinder Cord, and a Fire Lite Micro Sparker operable with one hand. All components fit into a water-resistant storage bag with a clear front panel for easy access. The kit includes a Fire Lite Sparker, 20 waterproof Tinders, a waterproof gear bag, a Micro Sparker, and a 10ft utility Tinder Cord.

Vinyl Rain Poncho

This one-size-fits-all poncho is compact and easy to store, making it perfect for unexpected weather conditions. It's crafted from a lightweight PE fabric, ensuring ease of movement and a comfortable fit. The poncho also features an attached hood for additional protection from the elements.


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