TRIFOLD Wallet with single ID

TRIFOLD Wallet with single ID

  • $43.95

-Warrant card on left side (under piece of felt) - badge in the middle - card slots on the right side

-Felt divider between warrant card and badge compartments

-Two card slots on left side (picture 1) - 6 plastic slots in middle (picture 1) - 3 card slots on right side

-Opens on top for money / papers (picture 2)

-Available for CBSA (style 743), OPP (style 686) and RCMP (style 351) badges
Toronto Police Service (TPS - style 645) now available

-Maximun size of warrant card is 6 cm wide x 10 cm high
Made by Perfect Fit (USA)

Model #106 OPP-  Ontario Provincial Police - Leather Badge Holder Wallet